Branca de Neve Multicereal and Seeds Flour Mix

Branca de Neve Multicereal Flour Mix is a fine non-yeast flour with high fiber content.
Produced from the mixture of flours of several cereals and carefully selected seeds that give it an excellent taste and texture.
Naturally rich in fiber, Branca de Neve Multicereal and Seeds Flour Mix  contributes to a balanced diet.
Suitable for all culinary confections.
Branca de Neve Multicereal Flour Mix

Ingredients: cereal flours 91% (WHEATRYEBARLEY malt), seeds 9% (poppy, OAT, sunflower, linseed, millet, SESAME).

May contain traces of eggs and milk products.

Packaging: kraft paper bag
Net weight: 500 g

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct light.
Average Nutritional Values Per 100g
energy (kJ/kcal) 1477 / 353  
fat (g) 5,4
    of which saturates (g) 1,3
carbohydrate (g) 60
    of which sugars (g) 2,4
fibre (g) 11
protein (g)11
salt (g) 0,03