Branca de Neve

Full Range

Cake and Pancakes Mixes

Try Branca de Neve’s wide range of delicious cake mixes which make it quick and easy to bake cakes, saving time, money and containers.
From Chocolate cake to Cinnamon cake, from Scones to Pancakes to Crepes, there is one that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Self-raising Flours

Traditional flours to which baking powder is added, making them suitable for baking cakes, light and airy masses.
Branca de Neve Fina, Superfina e Flor are self-raising flours.

Bread Flour Mixes

Branca de Neve has developed a wide range of bread flour mixes: Seeds, Brioche, Health that just need to add water because it already has built-in yeast.

Condensed milk

has a range of Condensed Milk to help make delicious desserts.


Try Branca de Neve Sundaes simple or as garnish, or to embellish and decoration of desserts.  Ideal for cakes, pies and desserts fillings.